How to Choose the Right Type of Chairs for Your Event 

Chairs are one of the most abundant items you will find at events, especially those which require your guests to be seated. In addition to providing your guests with comfortable seating, the right type of event chairs can also help you to enhance the overall ambiance of your event location. However, because of the availability of a wide range of event chairs, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right one for your event. Therefore, we have outlined some of the most common event chairs, as well as occasions which they are best suited for.

  1. Gunmetal Chairs

Gunmetal chairs were used a lot in the past for industrial settings. They are however becoming popular today for giving events a mix-and-match appearance. From an edgy look to a romantic one, Gunmetal chairs can work very well with a wide array of décor. 

  • Louis Pop Chairs

If you need event chairs that add elegance and sophistication to your event, then you should rent Louis pop chairs. They are great for formal events like galas, corporate gatherings, weddings or bar mitzvahs, and other special occasions.

  • Chiavari Chairs

These are some of the most versatile and popular chairs used today. They come in many colors and can fit into any style of your choice. Chiavari chairs are also budget-friendly and made with different materials such as aluminum, resin, metal, as well as mahogany or natural wood, which can provide your event with an organic or rustic vibe.

  • Cross Back Chairs

Cross back chairs are the perfect type of chairs for all kinds of dining event. Also called X-back chairs, these types of chairs feature two slabs of crossed wood at the back, and are most often paired with dining tables.

These are only some of the different types of chairs you can use for your event. At Classic Events, we offer an amazingselection of chairs for rent, suitable for a wide range of events, including weddings, gala, banquet, corporate events, and more. Explore our website to find and rent the right type of chairs for your event at affordable prices.