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Four Foot Wide Ceiling Drape Gobo Monogram Monogram Lighting Tampa | GOBO Lighting by Classic Events Entertainment

Monogram Lighting Tampa | GOBO Lighting by Classic Events Entertainment

Personalize your Wedding or Special Event by adding an illuminated Monogram. Popular designs are initials, your Wedding date, or any other theme. The image can shine on the dance floor or on a  Fabric Backdrop for a more dramatic effect.  Our Monogram Lighting can be stationary or dance with your guests.

Your wedding or special event is your day to be a star, so why not put your name in lights? Using a special fixture coupled with a custom made gobo Classic Events Entertainment can project your names, monogram, wedding date and/or design elements onto a wall or the dance floor. This will add a personal touch to the décor of the day and can be customized to match design elements from your stationery, invitations or the graphic on the bottom of your photo booth strips.

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